We offer residential and commercial asphalt repairs. Having multiple Infrared heaters that vary in size allows us to cost effectively restore any problems with your pavement large or small all season long. Infrared repairs are performed at a fraction of the cost of a new installation or saw cut patch and adds years to the life of your pavement.

“Environmentally Friendly Fact”

Infrared Asphalt recycling reuses up to 95% of your original asphalt. Reducing not only costs but emissions as well.

Infrared repairs:



Low spots

Catch basins


High spots



Infrared Repair/Sealcoat

Damaged areas are heated, remixed  thermally bonded and compacted. Once completed the driveway is untreated for 90 days. After which time we return and apply an environmentally responsible emulsion seal coat for added protection and beauty. 

Catch basins

These areas are especially susceptible to water invasion when cracks form as the base area settles. Infrared allows repair of the entire area reforming the asphalt post settlement.

Deep Cracks

Freeze and thaw cycles break down crack fillers and cause cracks to expand allowing water to undermine the foundation. Infrared Red eliminates the crack by re-bonding the asphalt breaking the cycle.

Seamless Repairs

Most repairs break down at the joints where crack fillers are used to connect the repair to the surrounding area. Ifrared allows the repair to be blended seamlessly. Eliminating this problem.


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